Workout for the Week November 27th – Dec 2nd

This Saturday is the night!  See you at Capital Ale House for the annual Holiday Party at 7pm.  For all our folks that will be at the Museum event please stop by and see us as you’re finishing up!

Monday, November 27th


1 Mile Run

50 Toes to Bar (60 knee tucks/situps)

40 Wall Balls

30 Ground to Overhead (115/75)

Workout Notes:  Make sure the ground-to-overhead weight is something you can string together…toes to bar as well….these should not be done in singles unless it’s the last few reps.


Tuesday, November 28th


Man Maker 4.0

Every 90 Seconds for 15 Minutes Complete:

6 Man-Makers (35/20) or 3 Man-Makers (50/35)



9 Minute Ladder with a Partner


DB Lunges (50/35)

Handstand Pushups

Workout Notes:  If you got all 5 in last week we keep pushing the envelope.  Another option we have added is to go 3 at a heavier weight.  The lunges for today’s workout are front rack but will be done in place and the lunge must be forward for this workout, no stepping back.  Demo can be found here: DB Lunges


Wednesday, November 29th


Back Squat




3 Rounds for Time

7 Bar Muscle Ups (14 dips)

14 Burpees

21 Med Ball Cleans

Workout Notes: if you are someone who is just starting to get muscle ups maybe do a few each round…once you fail 2-3 times its time to scale.  Stay Moving.  Today’s burpees are a warmup for tomorrow’s workout 😊


Thursday, November 30th


CrossFit Open 13.1

40 Burpees

30 Power Snatch (75/35)

30 Burpees

30 Power Snatch (135/75)

20 Burpees

30 Power Snatch (165/100)

10 burpees

as many reps as possible at 210/120

Workout Notes: Scale the weight jumps to something you can complete each round with continuing to add weight. 


Friday, December 1st

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes

With a Partner

25 Pullups

50 Calorie Row

100 Overhead Squats (45/35)

50 Box Jumps

25 Pullups

*Inspired by the CrossFit Liftoff



5 Rounds

2 Core Exercises of your choice

Workout Notes: Once you finish the box jumps you are looking at 50 pullups…25 to finish the round and 25 to start the next round…good luck! (please be easy when setting down the empty barbells)


Saturday, December 2nd


For Time

20 Front Squats (135/95)

400m Run

30 Deadlifts (185/125)

400m Run

40 DB Snatch (50/35)

400m Run

50 Double Unders (100 Singles)

400m Run

Workout Notes: Make sure the weight will allow to you complete big sets….last workout before the Holiday Party!