Workouts for the Week April 24th-29th

Monday, April 24th


With a Partner for Time

120 KB Snatches (1.5/1)

100 Calorie Row

80 Burpees

60 Pistols (scaled:goblet squats)

*Inspired by CrossFit’s Online Qualifier


!Cashout! Time Pending*

Accumulate 2 minutes of an L Hold from the Rig

50 Hollow Rock

Workout Notes: A Friendly Chipper to start the week.  The work should be split between partners, one person working at a time.  The snatches are done from the hang and do not have to be alternating but the same amount should be done on each arm before switching partners (if I do 10 on my right arm I need to do 10 on my left before my partner can go).  The burpee is a simple movement but often turns into a “half burpee”.  Make sure you’re doing these hand release and extending all the way at the top, a clap over the head is encouraged J  The pistols are a tough skill, if you need to scale these today goblet squats will be the option.  If you’re doing these RX make them look good!  Stay off your toes and squat through the heel.

Tuesday, April 25h


10 Minutes to work up to a Heavy Snatch for the day



As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes

1 Round of Cindy (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)

30 Double Unders (50 Singles)

Workout Notes: During Strength today our goal is to work up to a heavy set with little rest between attempts.  We should keep the same approach as normal by adding weight in small chunks but cutting down on our break between sets.  A good goal is 85% by the end of the 10 minutes, if we hit more than that consider it a bonus!  If this is a lift we struggle going heavy on use this time to get lots of reps in at a lighter load.  For the Workout, plan on working the majority of the 15 minutes with a high heart rate.  Nothing to technical to slow us down here just have to keep moving.  The pullups should always be done unbroken so scale to standard that will allow you to keep your foot on the gas.  If we struggle with double again, don’t spend over a minute on the doubles…if its taking longer scale to singles or track your doubles attempts.  Lastly, don’t be the person cluttering up the rig after your pushups!  If you are in a crowded class move back to your jump rope area to preform your pushups/squats/doubles.

Wednesday, April 26th


Work up to a heavy of the following complex:

1 Squat Cleans + 1 Front Squat + 1 Split Jerk


Workout: 10 minute cap


30 Clean and Jerks for time (135/95)

Workout Notes: Time under tension!  Today’s strength will make you focus on breathing until you finish hitting that split jerk.  Today’s workout is an all-out sprint.  30 light clean and jerks but these should look perfect!  Just because it’s light and quick does not mean we should develop our own method of stepping back to get the bar over head or anything else out of the ordinary…be clean and efficient and power through this one.  Lastly, this should be light…scaled based on feel, find a weight you can continue to move efficiently.

Thursday, April 27th


For Time


Handstand Pushups

Box Jumps

Wall Balls

Toes to Bar (knee tucks)

Workout Notes: Lots of movements focused in the same area of the gym…a coaches nightmare 🙂  So help us out today and be smart during the workout.  Everyone MUST face outward on the rig.  If you need to climb up grab J hook for assistance.  The toes to bar and handstand pushups are the 2 big skills here…avoid singles in the early sets and be in control if it gets to that point.  Control your wall ball as you finish the sets and lastly each athlete will do their pushups/wall balls/toes to bar all in the same spot.  Chip through this workout with big sets early and try to go unbroken those last two sets if you can!

Friday, April 28th


5 Rounds for Time

400m Run

25 Burpees


4 Sets of 3 Core Exercises of your Choice (ex: 4 sets of 10 hollow rocks, 10 russian twist, 10 abmat situps)

Workout Notes: HUGE amount of burpees today.  If 25 is too many for your skill set at this time scale that number back, ask your coach what is a good number for you….they should wear you down but we don’t want to spend 5 minutes on each set of 25.  Once you finish the last run the last set of 25 should be an explosion…we want to see you on the floor gasping for air after you finish 🙂

Saturday, April 29th


With a Partner, Alternating Rounds

As Many Rounds as Possible in 18 Minutes

200m Run Buy In (Each Round)

15 Deadlifts (95/65)

10 Hang Snatch

5 Overhead Squats

Workout Notes:  Each round begins with a 200m Run then its right to the barbell.  Ideally this is a weight we can go unbroken once we adjust our hands from the deadlifts to the squats. NO deadlifting the first 15 with a snatch grip…you must do all 15 with a standard deadlift grip before picking up the bar to perform the snatches.  Once partner A finishes the 5 Squats Partner B will start their run. Light but effective!