Workouts for the Week December 4th – 9th

Every week presents a new opportunity…it’s up to you to decide what to do with it!

Monday, December 4th


For time:

100 Double Unders (2:1)

50 Wall Balls

25 Burpees

80 Double Unders

40 Wall Balls

20 Burpees

60 Double Unders

30 Wall Balls

15 Burpees

40 Double Unders

20 Wall Balls

10 Burpees

20 Double Unders

10 Wall Balls

5 Burpees

Workout Notes: We are GRINDING on a Monday!  No better way to sweat out the weekend then with a long chipper.  The burpees don’t have to be hand release but they need to be chest to deck.  You MUST stay moving on this workout…long breaks will bury you.  Scale the wall ball and make the squats look good if you need to.


Tuesday, December 5th

Strength: 15 Minutes


Unbroken Squat Cleans, as heavy as possible



As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes with a Partner

4 Bar Muscle Ups (6 strict pullups)

6 Strict Handstand Pushups

8 Hang Dumbbell Squat Cleans (50/35)

Workout Notes:  Today’s strength should be as much a cardio workout as it is a strength workout.  The cleans should be touch and go…no rest between reps…add weight each set.  We have done this before…see if you can beat your last sets when we did this August 22nd.  We are partnering up for the workout…if you have been doing the man makers rx give the squat cleans a try at rx as well!


Wednesday, December 6th


3 Position Snatch – No heavier than 70%

High Hang – Hang – Floor: Unbroken



100 Ball Slams

100 Abmat Situp

100 Pushups

*Partition as needed

Workout Notes:  Today’s strength is all about technique!  Do not go over 70% of your 1 rep max for strength.  Lean on your coaches to help make these look good…light weight and lots of repetition.  Today’s workout can be broken up how you see fit…sets of 20s, sets of 100…user choice just as long as you do 100 reps of all 3 movements.


Thursday, December 7th

Jayson Lane Athlete of the Month Workout

5 Rounds for Time

20 Calorie Row

15 Deadlifts (185/135)

10 Toes to Bar (15 knee tucks)

5 Box Jumps (30/24)

Workout Notes:  Jayson is maxing out the pull capacity!  Lots of grip in this one so attack the deadlifts and toes to bar with a plan…break them up early if you think your grip will go easily.  Note today’s box jumps are scaled up…a leap of faith!


Friday, December 8th


Back Squat



Workout : 8 Minute Cap


Alternating Dumbbell Squat Snatch (50/35)


Workout Notes: Fast and furious…this workout should be an all-out sprint.


Saturday, December 9th


With a Partner, For time:

800m run

40 Pull-ups

40 Hang Power Snatch, 75/55

600m run

30 Pull-ups

30 Hang Power Snatch, 75/55

400m run

20 Pull-ups

20 Hang Power Snatch, 75/55

200m Run

10 Pull-ups

10 Hang Power Snatch, 75/55

Workout Notes: Scale the pullups to something that can be completed in at least sets of 3-5 reps at a time.  The snatch should be light and able to be strung together fairly easily.  Welcome to the weekend!