Workouts for the Week January 29th – February 3rd

Monday, January 29th


2 Hang Squat Cleans: Heavy as Possible



CrossFit Open 16.2ish

As Many Reps as Possible in 12 Minutes

25 Toes to Bar (30 abmat situps)

50 Double Unders (100 singles)

15 Squat Cleans (135/85)

25 Toes to Bar

50 Double Unders (100 singles)

13 Squat Cleans (185/115)

25 Toes to Bar

50 Double Unders (100 singles)

11 Squat Cleans (225/145)

*Reference Jan 19th, 2017

* if you finish in 12 minutes your score is the time vs total reps completed.

Workout Notes: We are less than 1 month for the crossfit open, the more we can practice the movements the better!  This is a nice little repeat from 2 years ago that requires you to push the pace on the squat cleans to get through to the next round.  Stay true to the rep counts…you’re hurting no one but yourself.  Nobody cares how much you get done, we’re all just glad you’re here 😊  Make sure you pick a weight that will allow you to build as the workout progresses…keep moving!


Tuesday, January 30th


Back Squat

5 reps @ 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%



As Many Rounds as Possible in 14 Minutes, With a Partner

50 Dumbbell Pushpress (50/35)

50 Pullups

50 Dumbbell Front Squat

50 Pushups

50 Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Workout Notes: Week 2 in the squat cycle.  Please apply what we have been doing in our squat therapy sessions…tis the reason for the squeezin!  Weights should be challenging but manageable.  We’ll use the left side of the gym as room allows for a lunging path.  One set of dumbbells for the entirety of the workout.


Wednesday, January 31st

Strength: 15 Minutes


Power Snatch: Unbroken sets, climbing in weight


Workout: 18 Minute Cap

1000m Row

20 Handstand Pushups

10 Power Snatch (165/115)

20 Handstand Pushups

1000m Row

Workout Notes: Today’s strength should focus on cycling a heavy barbell and make sure you’re breathing.  These are power snatches but we should still be moving under the bar as we complete the snatch.  Our snatches in the workout should be heavy but not something we are failing with.  That last 1000m row…it’s gonna be a deep burn.


Thursday, February 1st

4 Rounds for Time

400m Run

10 Deadlifts (185/135)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

Workout Notes: Deadlifts should be close to unbroken…keep the form clean and the burpees fast!


Friday, February 2nd


For Time

50 Calorie Row

35 Thrusters (95/65)

20 Bar Muscle Ups (25 Strict Pullups)



“Fast Eddie” (scale reps if needed)

Workout Notes:  Thrusters should be light and done in big chunks.  Muscleup spots are first come first serve…if you come off the rig its next man up! 


Saturday, February 3rd

Every Minute on the Minute for 24 Minutes

Minute 1 – 25 Air Squats

Minute 2 – 20 Situps

Minute 3 – 15 KB Swings (1.5/1)

*Scale reps/weight as needed