Workouts for the Week July 24th – 29th

Monday, July 24th


For Time: With a Partner

1 Mile Run

50 Wall Balls

50 Pullups

50 Burpees

100/80 Calorie Row

50 Burpees

50 Pullups

50 Wall Balls

1 Mile Run

*Courtesy of Pat Sherwood


!Cashout! (time permitting)

3-5 Rounds of Durante Core

Workout Notes: Cardio explosion to kick off the week!  The run will be done together while the rest of the movements will be done as one person working at a time.  Do your best to push the tempo when you’re on as you get the built in rest.  Go hard and enjoy the sweat as we put the weekend decisions in the rear view 😊

Tuesday, July 25th








Deadlifts (225/155)

Handstand Pushups (scaled: deficit pushups from a box)

Workout Notes: Working on finding some heavy sets of 5,3 and 1.  Good chance to focus on technique with some heavy loads.  For today’s workout we are looking for a deadlift weight we can do in big sets and the same can be said for the handstand pushups…pick an option that’s challenging but where we aren’t failing regularly.  Lastly…good quality movements today please.  Make sure you’re standing all the way up on the deadlifts and locking out with the feet on the wall in the pushups.

Wednesday, July 26th


Back Squat

10×4 @ 77.5%



As Many Rounds as Possible in 10 Minutes

10 Push Press (95/65)

15 Abmat Situps

25 Double Unders (40 singles)

Workout Notes:  Nothing to add besides go hard and make sure you pick a weight you can do unbroken for the majority of the time.  Don’t spend a lot of time on the double unders, if  you are scale back to singles.

Thursday, July 27th

For Time

5 Muscle Ups (15 dips)

20 Alternating Pistols

4 Muscle ups (12 dips)

16 Alternating Pistols

3 Muscle Ups (9 dips)

12 Alternating Pistols

2 Muscle Ups (6 dips)

8 Alternating Pistols

1 Muscle Up (3 dips)

4 Alternating Pistols

Workout Notes: RX today will be ring muscle ups but can be scaled to bar muscle ups or 3:1 Dips.  For scaling the pistols you can use the rig for assistance, bands, goblet squats, etc.  If you are at a point where you fail at 3 consecutive muscle ups please move to a scaled option.

Friday, July 28th


5×1 Squat Snatch at 75-85% with a 5 second hold in the catch

*Courtesy of Coach Luke Burns




Hang Snatch (135/95)

Bar Facing Burpees (space permitting)

Workout Notes: Strength requires some focus on technique and balance.  You’ll spend a 5 count in the bottom of the squat…this will reveal some weakness of not pulling the bar back over your head far enough.  If you find yourself dropping the bar out front before finishing the movement focus on making adjustments and nailing the bar position in the catch.  For today’s workout it’s time to giddy up!  We should be holding on to the bar to the point of failure, no need to pace this one out do as much as you can then pick it up and do some more.  Choose a weight that you can do multiple reps at a time…singles are out for this workout.  As I mentioned last week, we should be “sizzling like a piece of bacon” when you finish this one.

Saturday, July 29th


4 Rounds for Time

15 Toes to Bar (20 situps)

25 KB Swings (1.5/1)

400m Run