Workouts for the Week May 1st-6th

Monday, May 1st


Split Jerks




4 Rounds

15 Deadlifts (185/135)

15 Toes to Bar (20 Abmat Situps)

Workout Notes: I’ve wanted to take a day to focus on the split jerk without having to do a clean first and today is that day.  Take these from the rig and really focus on technique, load isn’t as important as getting technique…the better the form the heavier you will be able to go.  The workout today will be a grip killer so break up both movements before you get to grip failure.  A few toes to bar each set may be done in singles but the majority should be done using the kip…consider scaling if you would need to do singles the majority of the workout.


Tuesday, May 2nd


With a Partner

800m Run (together)

40 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

20 Box Jumps

400m Run

30 Clean and Jerks

30 Box Jumps

200m Run

20 Clean and Jerks

40 Box Jumps



1.5 mile run or some core work of your choice

Workout Notes: No better way to break up the Tuesday than sharing some sweat with a partner.  Clean and Jerks should be light and something that can be cycled together.  Lace em up and have fun!


Wednesday, May 3rd


Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes

100m Sprint + 10 Pushups



1000m Row

50 Wall Balls

30 Burpee Pullups

Workout Notes: The conditioning today should not go overlooked.  I’ve underlined sprint as that is what this should be.  Go as hard as you can then knock out the pushups!  If you are finding it hard to complete the 100m+10 cut it down to 100m+5 or 50m+5..something you can continue to complete.  For my “non-runners due to injury” don’t leave me hanging today, the assault bike/rower await!  Today’s workout is a sprint.  A harder-than-normal pace on the rower followed by the biggest set you can possibly do on the wall balls…a great goal would be to try and go unbroken, might be a wall ball PR for some? Lastly, move quickly through the burpee pullups but be sure you move well and pass through the full range of motion.


Thursday, May 4th



Calorie Row

Strict Press (75/55)

Workout Notes: Boulders for shoulders.  This will feel very light but can become taxing…break up the press before you get to failure early on.  Try to go unbroke on the last few sets.  And who doesn’t love to row two days in a row?


Friday, May 5th


Back Squat

10×3, Climbing in Weight





Double Unders (2:1 singles)

Abmat Situps

Workout Notes: Strength today we should have a goal of getting over 80-85%.  Today’s workout is a crossfit classic…another good test of going unbroken!


Saturday, May 6th

As Many Rounds as Possible in 18 Minutes

With a Partner

30 Hang Snatch (75/55)

40 Pushups

400m Run with a Med Ball

Workout Notes: One Person works at a time except on the run which will be done together.  One person will carry the medball during the run.  Each team will have one ball so if you decide to go co-ed sorry ladies RX is the 20lb or the team can scale down to accommodate the run 😊  Enjoy!