Workouts for the Week May 8th – 13th

Reminder that we begin summer hours this week.  This means no class Friday night at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10am.  We will still have open gym after the 8am class until 9am.

Also…there will be no 6:30pm class this Thursday.  We apologize for the inconvenience but we will be having a coaches meeting at The Rock during this time slot.

Monday, May 8th


1 Full Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch

3 Rounds for Time

5 Squat Snatch (155/105)

500m Row

Workout Notes: Technique is the key to today strength.  Focus on getting under the barbell during strength in preparation for today’s workout.  The workout should be a weight we can do in singles if need be but with no misses…heavy but something we can move regularly.

Tuesday, May 9th

Team “Bulger

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes:

Run 150 meters
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
135 pound Front squat, 7 reps
7 Handstand push-ups

Canadian Forces Corporal Nicholas Bulger, 30, of Peterborough, Ontario, assigned to the 3rd Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, died July 3, 2009 while on patrol in the Zhari district of Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device exploded near his vehicle. Cpl. Bulger is survived by his wife Rebeka, and daughters Brookelynn and Elizabeth.

Workout Notes: Attacking this hero workout today with a partner.  The chest to bar should be something you can do in unbroken sets or 4/3 if need be…scale these if the sets need to be smaller.  Athletes will do the run together but can break up the rest of the movements as desired (alternating movements would be ideal).  Lastly…remember why we do these types of workouts, all gave some but some gave all.

Wednesday, May 10th


Find a Heavy set of 3 Strict Press

Find a Heavy set of 3 Push Press

Find a Heavy set of 2 Push Jerks



As Many Rounds as Possible in 11 Minutes

7 Burpees

14 Air Squats

21 Abmat Situps

Workout Notes: Strength today gives us another opportunity to work on the shoulders.  Focus on the different techniques required on getting the bar overhead in an efficient manner.  Today’s workout is all about working fast with a high heart rate.  Use the abmat situps to recover and go hard on the burpees and squats.


Thursday, May 11th

30 Minutes

Every 3 Minutes Complete:

20 KB Swings (1.5/1)

15 Decline Push-ups

10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Workout Notes: The only this better than rowing back to back days is doing a form of burpees back to back.  Decline pushups will be done from a box or can be scaled back to a standard pushup.  You’ll have to keep moving at a decent clip to get everything in under the 3 minute window.  Scale back the KB swing weight if they can’t be done unbroken or 2 quick sets. 

Friday, May 12th

Every 2 Minutes on the Minute for 12 Minutes

5 Power Clean & Push Jerks @ 70-80%



7 minutes

40 Double Unders

10 Toes to Bar (15 knee tucks)

Workout Notes: Strength today focuses on barbell cycling.  Weight can increase through the 12 minute window if needed but the sets must be done touch and go.  Focus on transition of catching the clean and going directly into the jerk.  Today’s workout is a gasser.  Go unbroken as much as you can…your goal is to be a puddle by the time the clock goes off.


Saturday, May 13th

With a Partner, for time

75 Calorie Row

75 Box Jumps

75 Deadlifts (185/135)

75 Wall Balls

75 Burpees

75 Wall Balls

75 Deadlifts

75 Box Jumps

75 Calorie Row

Workout Notes: Grab a partner, a deadlift weight you can bang out big sets and get after it!