Workouts for the Week: September 18 – September 23

Workouts include a Workout Brief, outlining the intended PACE, FEEL, and some notes about the workout for you to be prepared.

Grind = 60-80% effort
Sustain = 70-80% effort
Gas = 80-90% effort
Full Send! = 90%-Max Effort

Cardio = Lungs are limiting factor
Reach = Heart Rate is limiting factor
Muscle = Muscle Fatigue is limiting factor

Monday, September 18th

All Athletes will complete Strength and the workout on Monday, September 18th.

Strength: 14 Minutes – Find a Heavy Complex

3 Rep Hang Power Clean

Workout: For Time – 10 Minute Cap

Power Clean (95/65)
Toes to Bar

Workout Brief

Feel: Cardio / Pace: Gas

Today’s strength is simple, go heavy and work on being aggressive under the bar. If you struggle with consistency in your clean technique, go lighter and accumulate a lot of practice sets in the time you are given.

Tuesday, September 19th

Workout: For Total Rounds – 20 Minutes

Buy In: 1 Mile Run


As Many Rounds as Possible in Remaining Time
20 Alternating Lunges
4 Wall Walk

RX+ – Wear a Weight Vest (20/14)

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Sustain

After the mile run, you will have ten to twelve minutes to accumulate as many reps as you can. Use the first couple of minutes to move slow and prioritize efficiency on the wall walks. As you fatigue and form starts to break down, rest where you can, but push yourself to hang on in the final few minutes

Wednesday, September 20th

All Athletes will complete Conditioning and the Workout on Wednesday, September 20th.

Conditioning: 15 Minutes

Death By Target Burpees
Starting at 3, increase Burpees by 1 rep each minute. 

Workout: For Time – 15 Minutes

40 Wall Ball
30 Burpee Pull Up
20 Shuttle Run
30 Burpee Pull Up
40 Wall Ball

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat! / Pace: Full Send

In today’s conditioning, because we are starting on rep three, the fourth or fifth minute is when things are going to get tough. Push for as long as you can and be proud of the effort that you give. In the workout, move steadily through the first part of the workout then turn up the intensity in the back half.

Thursday, September 21st

Workout: For Time – With a Partner – 26 Minute Cap

Calorie Row
Box Jump Over
Hang Power Snatch (75/55)

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat! / Pace: Gas

This partner workout is a good mix of movements that will spike your heart rate and give you a conditioning feel. The objective is to knock everything out in moderately large sets so that you can move through it at a faster pace.

Friday, September 22nd

All Athletes will complete Strength and the Workout on Friday, September 22nd.

Strength: 16 Minutes

5-3-3-1-1-1: Back Squat
Build in weight each set

Workout: For Time – 14 Minute Cap

4 Rounds
60 Double Under
15 Deadlift (185/125)
5 Shoulder to Overhead

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat! / Pace: Gas

The Back Squat strength is intended to get you to a heavy weight very quickly. If you feel good, go for a PR, if you aren’t moving well, the goal is to hit a clean rep at 90-95%.

Saturday, September 23rd

Workout: For Time – With a Partner – 35 Minute Cap

100 Pull Up
200 Push Up
100 Synchro Sit Up
100 Synchro Air Squat

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Grind

This is a twist on the benchmark workout “Angie.” Split the Pull ups and Push Ups in half, then complete the Sit Ups and Air Squats together.



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