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Bring a Friend Day This Thursday 9/1

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This Thursday Bring a Friend Day is Back!  Also, a reminder to our local students that this is the last week of our semester in full special.  We will be starting a session of PEAK next week so if you're interested in getting started or know somebody who's on the fence share the wealth of fitness this week! … [Read More...]

Workouts for the Week of August 29th – September 3rd

Monday, August 29th Strength Find a Heavy of the Following Complex: 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Jerk Workout 10 Round 3 Squat Cleans (185/135) 25 Double Unders (40 Singles) Tuesday, August 30th Strength Back Squat 5x5: Climbing in Weight Or 16 Minutes of: 200m Run + 2 Tire Flips Workout As Many Rounds as Possible 4 Minutes Work + 2 Minute … [Read More...]

Friends in Need

Hi fam!! Recently a former student of mine lost her house in a fire. Her (large) family and herself lost everything. There are a total of 11 people in her family. I reached out to the mother to see what their greatest need was and she mentioned clothes and they are currently looking for a place in greene. They are staying in a hotel right now. They didn't have much in … [Read More...]

Welcome Back!

2012 MBB-Philadelphia

Calling all Students! Starting now through September 3rd we are running a Semester paid in full special for $300. This gets you our beginners class (PEAK) if you need it and 4 months of unlimited CrossFit at the best facility in the Shenandoah Valley. As of September 4th Student Rates will return to their normal price. See you at The Rock! … [Read More...]

Workouts August 22nd – 27th

"One of the most common characteristics of high achievers is their commitment to good habits. You are the sum you repeatedly do. Creating good habits is like pushing a car across a parking lot. The early stages take incredible effort with little results, while the later stages are more maintenance and things just happen. Become a slave to good habits and change your … [Read More...]