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Charlottes Web

Good luck to everyone throwing down at Charlotte Superfit this weekend! Saturday, November 22nd Teams of 2...Relay Style As Many Round as Possible in: 20min 10 Push Press (115/75) 10 KB Swings (1.5/1) 10 Box Jumps (24/20)   … [Read More...]

Hail Storm

Hailey Simmons bringing the thunder and the lightning....Happy Friday! Friday, November 21st Strength Back Squats 10x3 @ 80-90%   Workout Hailey Simmons Athlete of the Month 15-12-9-6-3 Deadlifts (185/135) Split Jumps Abmat Situps *Perform 3 Front Squats at your Deadlift weight after each completed round* … [Read More...]

Hit It

Throwback tuneup before Hailey drops the hammer with her athlete of the month workout to kick start the weekend! Thursday, November 20th Workout: 1000m Row -then- 3 Rounds for Time 8 Handstand Pushups 10 Knees to Elbow 12 Box Jumps *Reference February 25th 2014* … [Read More...]

Hitting the Mark

Lifting weights with little rest. Wednesday, November 19th Every minute on the Minute for: 10 min Odd: 3 Pause Front Squats at 50% of 1 Rep Max, :05 second hold Even: 40 Double unders (60 Singles) Every minute on the Minute for: 10 min Odd: 2 High Hang Squat Cleans (power position) at 70% of 1 Rep Max Even: 8 Burpees Every minute on the Minute for: 10 … [Read More...]


Rocktown CrossFit Formal....December 19th @ Captial Ale House.  Be there! Tuesday, November 18th Strength Snatch Complex: Full Snatch + Hang Snatch +2 Overhead Squats (Heaviest Possible) 3xMax Effort Windshield Wipers OR Max Effort L Holds from the Rig     Workout For Time 15 Snatches 115/75 20 Burpees 5 Muscle Ups (10 pullups+10 … [Read More...]