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When you do the dishes…

don't forget to clean the plates.   Wednesday, July 23rd Strength: Find a 2 Rep Max Hang Clean, then 2x2@90% 4xMax Effort Toes to Bar (strict if possible) Workout: As Many Rounds As Possible in: 8 Minutes 30 Double Unders 10 KB Swings 30 Abmat Situps … [Read More...]

You’ll never guess…

IT'S SQWATS LOL Tuesday, July 22nd Strength: Back Squat 3 Rep Max then 1x3@95%, 1x3@90% Workout: 30 Box Jump Overs 30 Front Squats @ 70% of your 1 Rep Max 30 Burpee Box Jump Overs … [Read More...]

Monday Funday

Monday, July 21st Strength 4x3 Behind the neck push press 3x5 Strict Pullups 3x90 Plank Holds Workout As Many Rounds As Possible in: 10 Minutes 10 Handstand Pushups 20 Overhead Lunges with 45/25lb plate 30 Calorie Row   … [Read More...]


Mobility is back this Saturday after the 8am class...if you are feeling achey this class will help with the recovery process 100%   Saturday, July 19th "Hawks and Mac" Teams of 2 50-40-30-20-10 Wall Balls Power Snatch (95/65) *Courtesy CFNE* … [Read More...]

Squat Gainz

Front to back...quadz and azz for dayz!   Friday, July 18th Strength: 25 min Front Squat 3 Rep Max Back Squat 5x2@90% of the 3 Rep Max from Tuesday (athletes, if you did not make it Tue get with a coach, they will help you pick a number) Workout As Many Round as Possible in: 10 Minutes 10 Push Press (115/75) 200m Row … [Read More...]