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Happy Thanksgiving!


For those of you in town we will be getting after it at 8am...Enjoy time with your families and be sure to have some seconds!           Thursday, November 26th Happy Thanksgiving As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 Minutes With a Partner 15/12 Calorie Row 10 Push Press (95/65) 8 Barbell Burpees … [Read More...]

Gravy Train

Don't forget our Holiday schedule coming up! Thursday 8am Friday 9am Saturday 8am Rise and Grind! Wednesday, November 25th Strength Hatch Squat Week 6 Day 2 OR 6x200m Run, :20sec rest after each run Sets of 10 Hollow Rocks with remaining time   Workout 15-12-9-6 Toes to Bar (knee tucks) Box Jumps Power Snatch (135/95) … [Read More...]

Muchas Gracias

A big thank you to everyone who competed this past Sunday and donated to help get these boys to Reno for the American Open, we are blessed with generous people...thank you! Tuesday, November 24th Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes 2 Split Jerks (you choose the load, clean from the floor)   Workout 4 Rounds for Time 10 KB Swings … [Read More...]

Chow Down

Its bulking week!  prepare yourself for a feast! Monday, November 23rd Strength Hatch Squat Week 6 Day 1 OR Row Intervals 1000m Row :40sec Rest 500m Row :40sec Rest 250m Row -3 Min Rest- 800m Row :40sec Rest 400m Row :40sec Rest 200m Row   Workout As Many Rounds as Possible in: 4minutes 10 Overhead Squats … [Read More...]


Just a reminder Sunday is our Friendly Throwdown to help send Andrew and Troy to Reno for the American Open.  If you are bored we are kicking things off at 9am...stop in and cheer the guys/gals on! Next week we will only have one class on Thursday (8am), Friday (9am) and Saturday (8am...we are deep cleaning the gym afterwards) This means we will be squatting Monday … [Read More...]