1971-G Evelyn Byrd Ave. Harrisonburg, VA

Body-weight Bonanza

Rowing counts as a body-weight movement right? Monday, January 26th Strength Every Minute on the Minute for 10 Minutes 1 Clean and Jerk @90%   Workout 3 Rounds 75 Double Unders (2:1) 50 Air Squats 25 Cal Row *courtesy of CFNE* … [Read More...]

Go Fast

Hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe on the slick roads!  Next week we will do our Athlete of the Month workout on Wednesday with open gym after. Saturday, January 24th 10 Rounds 5 Handstand Pushups 10 Overhead Lunges (45/25lb Plate) 25 Doubles Unders (3:1) *20min cap* … [Read More...]

Big Gulps

Friday, January 23rd Strength 3x3 Front Squat: Heaviest Possible 3x2 Power Clean + 1 Jerk No squat cleans…must be a power   Workout As Many Rounds as Possible in: 7min 10 KB Swings(1.5/1) 15 Box Jumps … [Read More...]

Open Test

Thursday, January 22nd Competition Style Crossfit Open Workout 11.4 As Many Rounds as Possible in: 10min 60 Bar Facing Burpees 30 Overhead Squats (120/90) (Masters:110/75) 10 Muscle Ups  (20 Dips) … [Read More...]

Brave the Elements

For some reason, this makes me giggle... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyFqsnTK_fA Wednesday, January 21st Strength Work up to a heavy/2 rep max Hang Snatch   Workout 8 Minutes 800m Run 30 Deadlifts (225/155) Max Effort Handstand Pushups with remaining time … [Read More...]