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Yoga tonight(Thur) at 7:15pm.  Veronica has been killing it these past few weeks, come in and get your stretch on.   Thursday, April 24th Ivy Haines Athlete of the Month Workout "The Sporadic Goat"   … [Read More...]


"It's the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win the lifelong race." Life isn't a trip in an elevator, it is a journey up the stairs.   Wednesday, April 23rd Strength 10 minutes to work to a 3 Rep Max Snatch (just like Monday) – 1X3@95%, 1X3@90%, rest 1:30 between drop sets Workout 5 rounds for time of: 20 Pistols (alternating) 10 Power Snatch … [Read More...]

Play Time

fran meme

Keep track of those Fran scores...you will see her again! Saturday evening May 3 we plan to have a social gathering for all our Rocktown Students who will be heading home for the summer and give all of us a chance to get together in some non-gym clothing!  Location is TBD and we will keep you up to date here and on Facebook. Tuesday, April 22nd Strength 1) Back … [Read More...]


Then benchmark of benchmarks...bodybuilders ask what you bench, crossfit community ask what your fran time is....keep track of your score, we'll be coming back to it. Monday, April 21st Strength: 10 minutes to work to a 3 Rep Max Clean (Non-Touch and Go, reset quickly after drop), then 1X3@95%, 1X3@90%, rest 1:30 between sets (percentage based on your 3 rep max for that … [Read More...]

Sweat it Out

Early post today, start recruiting! Mobility after the 8am....we will be focusing on the hips and ankles....reminder that if we don't have more attendance on mobility we will be cutting back.  If there is something different you would like to see please let us know!   Saturday, April 19th Teams of 2 200 Double Unders (2:1) 10 Bear Complex … [Read More...]