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Fickada Wrist

New session of PEAK kicks off this coming Monday...let us know if you or someone you know wants on the gain train! Tuesday, September 1st Strength Front Squats 1x3@60% 1x3@70% 1x3@75% 1x2@80% 1x2@85% 1x2@80% OR 5x100m Sled Push 3xMax Effort Rope Climbs   Workout 15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters (95/65) *30 Double Unders(2:1) after each set* … [Read More...]

Looks can be

Monday, August 31st Workout Every 3 minutes for 6 Rounds 6 Push Jerk (165/115) 12 Box Jumps 200m Run   Cashout 6min Tabata Odd-Hollow Hold Even-Side Planks … [Read More...]

Side Stitch

Saturday, August 29th With a Partner 50 Handstand Pushups 75 Toes to Bar (knee tucks 1:1) 800m Run (together) 150 Push Press (115/75) 300 Double Unders (500 singles)     … [Read More...]


Friday, August 28th Strength Back Squats 1x3@50%, 1x3@60%, 1x3@70%, 1x3@75%, 1x3@70% or 2 Mile Run (coaches note: we'll send out the coordinates later this week) Workout As Many Rounds as Possible in:12min 3 Thrusters (185/125) 10 Barbell Burpees 15 Calorie RowWorkout … [Read More...]

Thick and Quick

Wednesday, August 26th Strength Split Jerks 1x2@50%, 1x2@60%, 1x2@70%, 1x2@75%, 1x2@70% or Full Snatch 1x3@55%, 1x3@65%, 1x2@75%, 1x2@85%, 1x2@75% Workout 9-6-3 Power Snatch (155/105) Deficit Handstand Pushups (two 35lb plates)(scaled 2:1 push-ups) … [Read More...]