Workouts for the Week: June 10 – June 15

Workouts include a Workout Brief, outlining the intended PACE, FEEL, and some notes about the workout for you to be prepared.

Grind = 60-80% effort
Sustain = 70-80% effort
Gas = 80-90% effort
Full Send! = 90%-Max Effort

Cardio = Lungs are limiting factor
Reach = Heart Rate is limiting factor
Muscle = Muscle Fatigue is limiting factor

Monday, June 10th

Strength: 12 Minutes

8-8-6-6: Strict Press

Workout: As Many Reps as Possible in 8 Minutes

60/45 Calorie Bike
Max Rep Burpee

Workout Brief

Feel: Reach / Pace: Full Send!

Build in weight every set in the strength. In the workout, push hard to finish the bike as fast as possible and then maintain a steady pace on the Burpees until the final minute – burn it down!

Tuesday, June 11th

CrossFit Benchmark Workout: “Kelly” – For Time – 36 Minute Cap

5 Rounds
400m Run
30 Box Jump
30 Wall Ball

Workout Brief

Feel: Cardio/Muscle / Pace: Sustain

Kelly is a benchmark workout and it is LONG. Regulate your intensity on the run, move at a steady tempo that can be easily maintained through the Box Jumps, and try to keep the Wall Balls to the same sized sets for all five rounds.

Wednesday, June 12th

Workout: For Time – 15 Minute Cap

21 Pull Up
500/400m Row
15 Chest to Bar
500/400m Row
9 Ring/Bar Muscle Up
500/400m Row

Cashout – FIT:

7-5-3: Overhead Squat

Cashout – FLEX:

3 Rounds
Max Rep Strict Pull Up
Rest :30
Max Rep Strict Push Up
Rest 2:00

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Gas

This workout is intended to be done quickly, but you will be spending a lot of time on the rower. Pull at a pace that allows you to keep the rig broken up into big sets. The Cashout gives you a variety of options to work through.

Thursday, June 13th

Workout: For Time – With a Partner – 30 Minute Cap

800m Partner Run
100 Dumbbell Deadlift (50/35)
75 Push Up
50 Double Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean
25 Wall Walk
800m Partner Run

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Grind

Split all of the work in half with your partner between the runs. We want options that we can push pretty hard and move at a fast pace through. Once you get to the Wall Walks, hold on to moderate sets and focus on quality movement under high fatigue.

Friday, June 14th


Strength: 15 Minutes

6-6-6-6: Front Squat

Workout: For Time – 15 Minute Cap

5 Rounds
45 Crossover
10 Toes to Bar
5 Devils Press (50/35)

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Gas

Complete all four sets of six Front Squats at the same working weight. In the workout, the objective is to keep every round around the same time. Put your focus on maintaining your sets of Toes to Bar and moving smoothly on the Jump Rope.

Saturday, June 15th

Workout: For Time – With a Partner – 38 Minute Cap

6 Rounds
20 Synchro Burpee
30 Handstand Push Up
400m Partner Run

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Grind

This partner workout is going to challenge your pushing strength. Move slow and steady on the Burpees as a team, split up the Handstand Push Ups with slower transitions, and dial the run to whatever intensity will allow you to keep the same pace on the Burpees.



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