Workouts for the Week: March 11 – March 16

Workouts include a Workout Brief, outlining the intended PACE, FEEL, and some notes about the workout for you to be prepared.

Grind = 60-80% effort
Sustain = 70-80% effort
Gas = 80-90% effort
Full Send! = 90%-Max Effort

Cardio = Lungs are limiting factor
Reach = Heart Rate is limiting factor
Muscle = Muscle Fatigue is limiting factor

Monday, March 11th

Workout: For Time – 15 Minute Cap

30 Shuttle Run
15 Wall Walk
30 Shuttle Run
30 Burpee Pull Up

Cashout – FIT: For Quality

Handstand Practice

Cashout – FLEX: For Quality

3-4 Rounds
6-12 Strict Chin Up
10-20 Dumbbell Push Up

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Grind

Starting on the Shuttle Runs is going to challenge your ability to sustain the Wall Walks and the Burpee Pull Ups. Minimize transition time and get this thing done in as few sets as possible.

Tuesday, March 12th

Strength: 14 Minutes

6-6-3-3: Overhead Squat

Workout: As Many Rounds as Possible in 8 Minutes

2 Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)
2 Bar Facing Burpee
Increase both movements by 2 reps each round.

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle/Reach / Pace: Full Send!

We Overhead Squatted from the rig a few weeks ago. Use the numbers you hit then as a reference point for where you should be at for your sets of six and three. In the workout, start around 90% effort and kick it up to 100% in the final 3-4 minutes.

Wednesday, March 13th

Workout: For Time – With a Partner – 36 Minute Cap

5 Rounds Each – “Dumbbell DT” – Relay Style
12 Dumbbell Deadlift
9 Dumbbell Hang Clean
6 Dumbbell Push Jerk


50 Lateral Target Burpee (Arm 1)
100/80 Calorie Bike
50 Lateral Target Burpee (Arm 2)
120/100 Calorie Row

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Grind

Move quickly in part number one on the Dumbbell work, then slow it down with your partner in Part Two. The Lateral Burpees are going to challenge you slightly differently than regular Target Burpees. Plan to break everything into moderate sets on the Machines and Burpees.

Thursday, March 14th

Workout: For Time – 16 Minute Cap

4 Rounds
40 Box Jump
30 Air Squat
Decrease Box Jump by 10 reps each round.

Workout Brief

Feel: Reach/Muscle / Pace: Gas

Move at a slow and steady tempo on the Box Jumps and try to keep the Air Squats unbroken. As the reps decrease, your speed and intensity should increase.

Friday, March 15th

Open Workout 24.3 – For Time – 15 Minute Cap

Five Rounds
10 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

-Rest 1 Minute-

Five Rounds
7 Thrusters (135/95)
7 Bar Muscle Ups

Saturday, March 16th

Workout: For Time

1 Mile Run


Three Rounds
50 V Ups
40 Handstand Pushups
30 Single Arm Devils Press (50/35)


1 Mile Run



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