Workouts for the Week: October 16 – October 21

Workouts include a Workout Brief, outlining the intended PACE, FEEL, and some notes about the workout for you to be prepared.

Grind = 60-80% effort
Sustain = 70-80% effort
Gas = 80-90% effort
Full Send! = 90%-Max Effort

Cardio = Lungs are limiting factor
Reach = Heart Rate is limiting factor
Muscle = Muscle Fatigue is limiting factor

Monday, October 16th

Strength: Every Minute on the Minute for 8 Minutes

1 Clean + 1 Front Squat
Build in weight each set.

Workout: For Time – 22 Minute Cap

8 Rounds
12/10 Calorie Row
8 Toes to Bar
4 Squat Clean (155/105)

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Grind

The objective today is to hold onto uncomfortable sets for the entirety of the workout. It doesn’t matter how you split it up, just be consistent across all eight rounds. As you get close to the end, increase your intensity and finish hard. You’ll be able to sustain your effort on the Barbell and rig the steadier and more efficiently you move on the Rower.

Tuesday, October 17th

Strength: 12 Minutes

5-4-3-2-1: Push Press
Build in weight each set.

Workout: For Time – 12 Minute Cap

Box Jump Over
Push Press (95/65)

Workout Brief

Feel: Reach / Pace: Full Send

Today’s strength is about going heavy. Go slow on each dip and drive hard for every push press – go for a PR! In the workout, move as quickly as you can. Step downs on the jump overs are recommended for safety, but push yourself to maintain an uncomfortable pace.

Wednesday, October 18th


4 Rounds – 5 Minutes Each
400m Run
40 American Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1)
Max Rep Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Rest 1:00 between rounds

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Grind

This partner workout will require your team to move quickly because it’s on a clock. Give yourself as much time for the Chest to Bar Pull Ups as you can, but slow down your tempo once you get there so you can maintain a similar number every round.

Thursday, October 19th


6 Bar Facing Burpee
5 Squat Snatch (95/65)

6 Bar Facing Burpee
4 Squat Snatch (115/75)

6 Bar Facing Burpee
3 Squat Snatch (135/95)

6 Bar Facing Burpee
2 Squat Snatch (155/105)

6 Bar Facing Burpee
1 Squat Snatch (185/125)

Find a Heavy Squat Snatch

Cashout – FIT:

Accumulate 4:00-5:00 Deadhang
15 Hollow Rock each break

Cashout – FLEX:

2 Rounds
5-10 Strict Pull Up
Max Rep Bicep Curl


2 Rounds
5-10 Strict Handstand Push Up
Max Rep Strict Push Up

Workout Brief

Feel: Reach/Muscle / Pace: Grind

The goal is to build up to a heavy single for the day on your Snatch. The Burpees and building weight should be completed with that in mind. Every round should take about :45-1:00 to complete, with time to change your plates and get a couple of breaths in. Move slow and steady on the Burpees and reset between each Snatch rep so you can prepare for the heavy. It is better to go regular burpees or bar facing up downs if that will set you up for better success on the Snatches.

Friday, October 20th


Workout: For Time – 24 Minute Cap

4 Rounds
500m Row
50 Double Under
15 Handstand Push Up


65 Overhead Plate Lunges (45/35)

Workout Brief

Feel: Muscle / Pace: Gas

With the Lunge Cashout at the end, we need to be moving around a 75-80% intensity the entire time so we have gas left in the tank to push the Lunges. Give yourself 3-4 attempts at the Double Unders and pick a handstand push up option that doesn’t take more than 2-3 sets to complete.

Saturday, October 21st

Workout: With a Partner – 24 Minute Cap

2 Mile Partner Run


3 Power Clean and Jerk (165/115)
3 Bar Muscle Up
Increase both movements by 3 reps each round.

Workout Brief

Feel: Triple Threat / Pace: Grind

The goal is to have 6:00-10:00 minutes on the Barbell and Rig. Run at a tempo that will allow you to get right to work once you’re inside.



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